Acne Management

Acne is caused by a combination of physiological factors:

Excessive sebum production (often due to hormones), the presence of a particular micro-organism, clogging in the skin follicles and thickening of the outer layer of skin. All or some of these can lead to acne inflammation.

At Dermal Resolutions, we believe acne is a medical problem and should be managed as early as possible to prevent permanent scarring.

Acne can present all or some of the following lesions. An assessment is essential as the treatment plan will vary.

Papule: A sore red lump without a white head which does not develop pus

Pustule: White blood cells arrive & clump together forming pus. Slight pressure on nerve endings and slight associated pain.

Nodule: Raised Lesion quite large & deep in the skin. A lump has formed but the skin can move over the top

Cyst: Deep infection caused by the deep massive invasion of white blood cells. Skin is stretched covering the cyst and is quite sore to touch.

At Dermal Resolutions, we recommend the following treatment options for Acne

v   A skin care program tailored to your individual needs

v   DermaQuest Pumpkin Resurafcing Peel

v   High Frequency

v   Ozone Steam Therapy

v   BHA treatment options